Teaching & Workshops

Teaching & Workshops

Claire has been involved in teaching and acting coaching since 2007. She began her teaching career as a scene and monologue coach within her high school, and has since gone on to teach classes and workshops at both high school and university level. She offers a broad range of classes and workshops in a variety of subjects, with curricula adaptable to many different environments and age groups.


Claire believes that the role of the teacher is to be an artistic collaborator – someone to work as a creative partner, fostering exploration, expression and the freedom to play! She seeks to create a fun, safe, and supportive work-space, where people can (to quote Miss Frizzle of The Magic School Bus) “take risks, get messy, and make mistakes”!

She comes to every situation with an open ear, and open mind, and an eagerness to discover what new and exciting things may lie in store!


Claire has had the privilege to find herself under the guidance of many excellent teachers and directors throughout the years, who have taught her many invaluable life lessons. They have shown her that the potential for creativity can happen anywhere, at any time; that ‘success’ can truly only be measured by the challenges you overcome; and that the best discoveries are the ones that you aren’t expecting to make.

Like many educators, Claire enjoys teaching so much because she loves to learn! And her education has equipped her with specialist knowledge in many great ares of theatre and performance study. Her teachable subjects include:

  • Beginning acting & theatre games (ideal for younger students!)
  • Audition preparation (scene & monologue coaching)
  • Text analysis & scene study
  • Theatrical adaptation
  • Collaborative/devised performance
  • The texts and performance styles of: Brecht, Chekhov, and others!
  • The Grand-Guignol (the 19th century French ‘theatre of horror’)
  • The “feeding-in” rehearsal method
  • Physical presence for the actor (informed by the teachings of Suzuki, Kalarippayattu, Grotowski, and other physical training methods)


Claire delights in any opportunity to share the things she loves with others! To request more information on workshops and teaching availability, please email: claire.saxe@gmail.com

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