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Exeter, UK • March 2012

Project Vanya: Chekhov on Wheels offers a powerfully playful reinterpretation of Chekov’s Uncle Vanya. Gazing into Chekhov’s world through a ‘clowneqsue’ lens, Claire and her ensemble of actors played their way to a new and vibrant understanding of a beloved classic. Peppy, poignant, and playfully perverse, the Chekhov on Wheels approached Uncle Vanya with a lively creativity, allowing the rich humor and humanity of Chekhov’s timeless classic to shine through.

The piece was received with joyful giggles and cries of high acclaim. Chekhov on Wheels “delivered subtlety and nuance…through a crisp and sharp creation process” and “found something new in Chekhov” which “showed a mastery of complex textual realization in performance skills” (Dr. Sarah Goldingay, lecturer at the University of Exeter).

The original cast, pictured above, featured: Ella Ainsworth, Jo Childs, Dan Jones & Conor O’Grady.

Completed within the University of Exeter MA curriculum, the rehearsal process and reception of Chekhov on Wheels planted the seeds which would eventually grow into Claire’s Master’s thesis (Between Seats and Stage: Cultivating the Play in Twenty-fist Century American Theatre). For more information on Chekhov on Wheels or “Between Seats and Stage”, please contact Claire directly:




Exeter, UK • June-July 2012

Reflection was created and premiered at the University of Exeter in 2012, by actor Laura Height and director Claire Elizabeth Saxe. The piece addresses the symptom of memory loss as a result of dementia; it emerged from the question, “How can theatre address the issue of memory loss, without standing up on stage and just taking about memory loss?”. The resulting play subtly portrays one woman’s struggle to maintain control over her own identity, through the re-telling (or attempted retelling) of the most important story of her life.

The piece was met with high acclaim in its original production, and then went on to tour to The Ignite Festival (Exeter) and the Tanglewood Music, Comedy & Arts Festival (Northern Ireland).  

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Laura is still performing Reflection with Baram Theatre Company in the UK! For more information about the show and upcoming performances, contact Baram directly:



Seven Days in Winter

previously presented under the title: Ceyx and Alcyone

Skidmore College • May 2011

Seven Days in Winter was first produced at Skidmore College within the Directing Workshop program, under the title ‘Ceyx and Alcyone’. This imaginative and heartfelt play is based upon the Ceyx and Alcyone myth from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, translated from the Latin and adapted for the stage by Claire Elizabeth Saxe.

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The original cast (pictured in photographs above) featured: Ashley Belle, Caroline Burke, Lowell Glovsky, Julia Romano, Beth Svenningsen, and Alexia Zarras. The production was stage managed by April Clark, and supported by the dramaturgy of Sarah Ryan. Lighting design by Marcus Goldbas. This production never would have been possible without the support of Professor Dan Curley, and Artist in Residence Alma Becker.

For information about the script of Seven Days in Winter, please feel free to get in touch:

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