Claire is a Chicago-based theatre artist – actor, director, teacher (and occasional playwright) – recently re-situated in her home city after five years pursuing degrees and new experiences away from Chicagoland. She spent the past year in the picturesque south west of England, in a charming little house with a peacock in the back yard. (Really.) 

 While there, she completed a masters degree in Directing and Actor Training at the University of Exeter; she directed a couple of shows, wrote a thesis (entitled “Between Seats and Stage: Cultivating the ‘Play’ in Twenty-first Century American Theatre”), learned she’s not cut out to make lattés for a living, and gained a lot of other useful information about herself as a theatre artist and a human being.

Previous to life in England, Claire spent four years in snowy, wooded, Saratoga Springs, NY at Skidmore College, from which she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Theatre, with a minor in Classics. (Latin poetry was her specialty.) Skidmore both broadened and enriched her understanding of what making theatre looks like, and introduced her to some of the world’s greatest teachers. During her senior year, Skidmore trustingly gave her the opportunity (and funding) to embark upon a crazy translating-writing-directing project, which changed the course of her life. (For more information about this project, check out SEVEN DAYS IN WINTER on the Directing page!)

Outside of academia and theatre, Claire is an ardent arts-and-crafts doer, an enthusiastic runner (as long as it’s neither too hot nor too cold), and a devoted NPR enthusiast.




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